It was confirmed that we were having a miscarriage on September 2nd. They said that it would pass and be like a normal period, then we could start trying again. I still kept asking myself how this could happen? I was so careful. I didn’t eat or drink or do anything that I wasn’t supposed to. This makes no sense.

It needs to be known that prior to getting pregnant, I’ve had my blood taken one time. I despise needles and I get really queasy. I know, I know.. suck it up, Buttercup. In the grand scheme of things, this is nothing. I’m losing a baby. There’s no telling what I’m in for during this process, but that does not change the fact that I detest getting stuck with a needle.

With that being said, you’ll recall that my husband and I have opposite blood types. If you didn’t know that was a problem, welcome to the club. I had NEVER heard of such a thing, however apparently, my body will try to reject the baby if the baby has my husband’s blood type. With that being said, I have to get a rhogam shot. I read about these shots. They burn, they make you really sore.. oh, and they’re a shot. Wonderful. My life is just going SO according to plan, let’s throw a shot into the mix. Mind you, my last shot was in 2007, when I graduated high school and was required to get the meningitis shot. Nine years. I avoided getting shots for nine years. Until now, when my life decided to come crashing down.

I got the rhogam shot (which they numbed me prior to), and we were sent on our way. Now we wait. We wait for me to start cramping and bleeding and for me to pass our child. How do you prepare for that? How do you move on from that? My parents and friends were very supportive and encouraging.. they would reach out and ask how I was.. and my answer was always the same. “I’m okay”. But I wasn’t okay. Five months later, I’m still not okay sometimes. But we knew we’d get through it.. little did I know what we were in for.


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